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What does Vintage mean?

6/20/2012 by Dana

Vintage means that the item you are looking at is not brand new.  Vintage jewelry and bags are those that were made years ago or are no longer available.  They are not old enough to be called antiques (antiques should be 100 years or older), but they are not fresh out of the factory or the studio either.  You should consider anything labelled vintage as previously loved and worn.  Sometimes we have vintage items that still have the tags on or have never been worn.  In these cases you may see them described as "New old stock" (NOS), or New with tags (NWT).

The great thing about vintage items is that you get to wear the original designs that inspire today's retro styles.  It is a chance to get your hands on rare or unique items or replace something you lost or loved years ago.  Purchasing and wearing "Vintage" is good for the planet too!

Just be sure to keep your vintage and antique jewelry away from little ones.  The standards for jewelry making and lead content were not as strict back then!