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Why can't some items be shipped to California or Minnesota?

6/20/2012 by Dana

In March 2008, California passed a very strict jewelry law that requires all adult jewelry designs to be tested for lead content to meet their state specific standards.  Since many of our designs are very limited (many contain parts made before the ban took effect), we simply aren't able to send them all for lab testing which requires destruction of the piece.  Most of the items on our site should be within limits but we cannot ship them to CA if they are untested or we have not received documentation from a supplier.  We sincerely apologize and we are working on bringing in more new lead free designs ASAP!  For more lead information please visit our Care 'N' Safety page. 

Update:  Minnesota has now adopted a similar law.  So some items on the site will be updated to reflect this.

Update: California has added some additional information for vintage jewelry: "DTSC acknowledges that it is not feasible to test one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry items using these destructive test methods. Since these older jewelry items were made prior to any awareness about the harmful properties of lead and they were produced on virtually a “one-of-a-kind” basis, DTSC is currently focusing its limited enforcement resources on primarily new and mass-produced jewelry."