Even though we are a very small business, we have been making some big progress towards becoming as eco-friendly as possible with our packaging! This can be difficult because it is often more expensive for businesses to purchase eco-friendly materials. You also have to make sure you are still including enough packaging to protect items during shipping.

Over the past year, we have changed to almost 100% reusable, repurposed, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable shippping and packaging materials. The remaining items are being phased out over the coming months. At which point the only thing that can't be reused, recycled or composted will be our Scotch Tape. But even that has already been changed to the more eco-friendly version made from 53% plant materials. We also use 100% repurposed bubble wrap (never new) which we hope our customers will use to protect their items in storage etc.

 We've created a guide for you to know what items may be allowed to biodegrade in the trash, can be recycled or composted for you too! 


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