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Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

I'm searching for a certain jewelry design or charm, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can you help?

6/20/2012 by Dana
We have many designs that are not listed online. We are also able to special order or create many goodies in hard to find themes. Just send us an e-mail and we wil let you know if we can help!

Do you have a catalog?

6/20/2012 by Dana
Our offerings change quite often, so we are not able to offer a paper catalog at this time. Current designs are updated daily. New designs as well as restocks are added to the New Additions page to make surfing easy!

Does Azure Aster offer wholesale pricing?

6/20/2012 by Dana
Azure Aster only offers retail pricing at this time. Many of our designs are unique, handcrafted or limited stock. We've worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers for all of our products. We can sometimes bring in sp

I saw something I want to purchase, but there is no Add To Cart link or it says it is temp. sold out. How can I get this item?

6/20/2012 by Dana
Only items with purchasing links are available for immediate purchase or custom orders at this time. If you would like to be notified when a sold out design has returned, please send us an e-mail with your request or add it to your waitlist. When t

I want to create my own awareness ribbon. Can you help?

6/20/2012 by Dana
There are quite a few things that you need to research and consider before creating an awareness ribbon. Legal issues as well as the design and wording are all very important. We always recommend that you use an existing ribbon instead of duplicati

I want to create my own designs and need some supplies?

6/20/2012 by Dana
We've been making jewelry for many years and we have lots of stock in the studio that is not online. If you need jewelry making supplies, let us know! We can see if we have it in stock or if we can special order supplies just for you!

What does Vintage mean?

6/20/2012 by Dana
Vintage means that the item you are looking at is not brand new. Vintage jewelry and bags are those that were made years ago. They are not old enough to be called antiques, but they are not fresh out of the factory or the studio either. You should

What is your Privacy Policy?

6/20/2012 by Dana
Please visit our Terms And Conditions page to view our Privacy Policy.

What percentage of a sale do you donate to charity?

6/20/2012 by Dana
Azure Aster donates anywhere from 10-50% of the sale price (not just the profit) of designated designs to charity. Occasionally some items are 100% depending on immediate need. Charities as well as donations amounts over the minimum 10% are no

Why can't some items be shipped to California or Minnesota?

6/20/2012 by Dana
California has passed a very strict jewelry law that requires all adult jewelry designs to be tested for lead content to meet their state specific standards.