Bracelet Sizing
What size bracelet should I get?  If you have gone crazy trying to figure out how people size their bracelets, you are not alone!  Most folks list bracelet sizes by length which is not very accurate for beaded or chunky jewelry styles.  The bigger the beads, the less space inside the bracelet for your wrist regardless of the length.
Here's the average wrist sizes for American women and their equivalent bracelet lengths:
Small (petite)= 5 3/4 inches or less (equals a bracelet length of 6 3/4 or less)
Average = 6 to 6 3/4 inches (equals a bracelet length of 7 to 7 3/4)
Large = 7 inches or more (equals a bracelet length of 8 inches or more)

Men's Wrist Size = Average of 7 inches (equals a bracelet length of 8 inches)
How to measure your wrist:
Wrap a flexible measuring tape, strip of paper or string around your wrist right above the bone (the side closest to your elbow).  If using the paper/string method, mark it where the end meets then measure it with a ruler.  If your wrist falls between quarter inch increments, round up to the nearest quarter inch.  It is usually better to get a bracelet that might be a little too big than to order one that is too small.
Once you know your wrist size, here's some tips for selecting your bracelet length!
  • Add 1/2 inch to your base wrist measurement if you like a snug fitting bracelet or you don't want your bracelet to move up your arm.  This is suitable for small beaded, stretch, or smaller chain designs only.
  • Add 3/4 - 1 inch for a standard fit for most bracelets.
  • Add 1 1/4-1 1/2 inch for a looser fit.  OK for toggles and best for larger, chunky bead styles.  Also works with stretch charm bracelet styles since they are pretty forgiving.
For Cuff bracelets - How we size our cuff bracelets:
Since you cannot open them up and stretch them across a ruler for sizing, we use a jewelers bracelet sizer.  It is a steel ring marked with bracelet sizes in 1/4 inch increments. The bracelet is placed on this ring for sizing.  This means that the size you see listed on Azure Aster for cuff bracelets is based upon the inner circumference of the bracelet. Stretch cuffs are pretty flexible when it comes to sizing.  You should be able to wear anything with an inner circumference of 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch above your wrist size and they should look great.  If you are not sure what size cuff bracelet to buy, get one that's 6 3/4.  It will fit most wrists.

For bangle bracelets- 
Stores differ on bangle measurements but the most consistent measurements seem to be based upon millimeters for inner diameter (ID).  An average female bangle has an inner diameter of 2.5 inches (64mm) and an inner circumference of a bit less than 8 inches. Inner diameter is the distance between the inside of one side of the bangle to the inside of the opposite side. Inner circumference is the distance around the entire inside circle of the bangle.  

It is suggested that you measure your hand and determine your own mm size. To do this make a fist like you are going to slip on a bangle (thumb pointing towards pinky beneath your hand).  Measure the distance between the center of your first finger knuckle and the center of your fourth finger knuckles (the ones closet to your wrist).  This will give you the inner diameter equivalent.  You can also measure some of your favorite bangle bracelets and use them as a size guide as well. Different widths of bangles can sometimes "feel" smaller for some gals when worn even if they have the same ID, so if possible try to measure bangles in your collection that are both wide and narrow to help determine your most comfortable range for each.

Inner diameter bangle sizes in MM:

XS= 57-59mm
S= 60-63mm
M= 64-66mm (Average)
L= 67-69mm
XL = 70+mm

Please note: Splendette bangles use a different size chart for their three sizes. So be sure to determine what your correct inner diameter size range is in MM by measuring your hand or a bangle that is in your collection that fits you well using the methods listed above before ordering. 

Splendette only size ranges -
Maiden (small) - 58-59 mm 
Classic (medium) - 65-66 mm
Duchess (large) - 75-76 mm

For charm bracelets -
Most of the stretch charm bracelet styles fit most wrists and have a length of 7 1/4 - 7 1/2 inches.  Smaller or larger sized charm bracelets will be noted in the description.  If you have difficulties finding the right sized stretch charm or cuff bracelet and you know your wrist size, e-mail us and we will measure the inner circumference for you.
Please note: These are just commonly used guidelines to help you choose your size.  We cannot guarantee a perfect fit, but are always willing to work with you if resizing a design is needed or custom work is possible.  We also carry a helpful bracelet or anklet sizer.

Necklace Lengths

We measure necklace lengths from end to end.  Standard necklace lengths are categorized into styles.  Some people will differ in their descriptions, but we use the following:

Choker = 16-17 inches long
Princess = 18-20 inches long (most necklaces fall into this "average" range)
Matinee  = 22-23 inches long
Opera  = 30-35 inches long
Sautoire = Any necklace longer than 36 inches. 
Lariat  = A very long necklace that does not have a clasp.  Flapper necklaces are a good example of this.  Lariats can be worn by looping them around the neck, knotting them or letting them hang open.  They are the versatile "scarves" of the jewelry world.

Ring Sizes
Average ring sizes may differ in various parts of the world, but since we are in the US, here are the average and most common ring sizes for American men and women:

Women = Average ring size range is 6-8.  Jewelers usually carry their samples in size 7.
Men = Average ring size range is 9-11.  Jewelers carry mens sample rings in size 10.

There are many sites that have printable ring sizers for you to measure your fingers.  I have not been able to get any to print out at the exact size needed (fussy studio printer).  So to save my sanity I bought a re-usable plastic sizer.  We stocked some for the store as well and they are only $0.99 each. You can see our plastic ring sizers here.