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Military Sweetheart Jewelry

Posted by Dana on 5/21/2015 to Vintage Vibes
Military Sweetheart Jewelry

Military Sweetheart Jewelry

During WWI, WWII, Vietnam and other times of war, men professed their love for their special gals by presenting them with tokens of their affection to remember them by while they were deployed.  Ladies also created handcrafted jewelry pieces filled with their love and hope for their loved ones safe return.  This jewelry was also worn to show support for the branches of service.  These wonderful pieces of history are called Military Sweetheart Jewelry.

My grandfather, father, and my husband (Mr. Jewelry as I like to call him) have all served in the armed forces.   Mr. Jewelry recently retired after 20 years of faithful service and we've been through quite a few deployments together.  Unfortunately, the jewelry that had been in my family from WWII and Vietnam was stolen from us years ago.  There is a special place in my heart for military jewelry and the sentimental value it holds. 

Many of the patriotic and deployment jewelry designs on our site were created as modern pieces of Military Sweetheart Jewelry.  We are adding some vintage pieces to the site in the coming weeks as well.

If you have pieces in your own collection, please share!  We would love to see them!

In the photo we have examples of a few vintage military sweetheart jewelry designs:

A cute little celluloid soldier pin.  It is handpainted and he is in full uniform performing a salute.  Most likely from WWII.

A unique locket necklace decorated with gold and rose gold flowers and scrollwork.  The locket is decorated with the USMC eagle and anchor EGA.  It is marked WH (conjoined) which was the mark for the W&H Jewelry Co. Providence , RI.  They produced jewelry from 1937-1965 so this dates to sometime in that period. 

A very rare two star service flag locket.  The front of the locket is decorated with a two blue star service flag and enamel.  The two blue star service flag symbolizes that you have two family members serving during time of war.  The locket has space for two photos.  Most likely a treasure for an Army service member.  Service flags were first used in WWI.

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