New Paypal Payment Plans!

Paypal has launched their new payment plans and you can select them as your method of payment at checkout. You can choose between a Pay in 4 option which breaks your payment into four payments made over a six week time period. Or you can choose a Paypal line of credit. These offers are subject to Paypal's approval and the payment agreement is between you and Paypal (not Azure Aster). But they can be a great way to help you budget and make payments in a way that works for you!

Be advised that you must always make your payments on time or you will be charged fees based upon your agreement with Paypal. Since the agreement is between you and Paypal, we are not able to help with finance, payment or late fee issues. Read about Pay in 4 here and Paypal Credit here. If you have any questions, contact us! 

To take advantage of the payment plans, use the PP Pay Later yellow button at checkout. After that, select the Pay Later option you would like to use to pay for your order.


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