The Azure Aster SWAAP Program

Introducing S.W.A.A.P. The Swap With Azure Aster Program! 

Sometimes the things we collect change over time. Other times you might think you love something and when you receive it, it isn't quite what you were looking for. Maybe a piece of jewelry is too big, too small or it doesn't match the outfit you thought it would. Well have no fear! We've created a program for our customers to swap their jewelry with us!

We will swap for any of the makers we currently stock. And we always price our items at the original RRP or at the current RRP/highest current RRP (if we don't know what the original was or the item is older). Read on for more information on how the program works!

  1. Gather up your jewelry that you would like to swap.
  2. Take a photo of it and send it to us at [email protected] You can also message photos to us on FB or IG. Be sure to let us know which pieces have minor flaws, are missing cards, tags etc. We do not accept broken jewelry for swaps.
  3. We will look at what you have and let you know what pieces we need. If we do not need them right now, we may contact you later for them too.
  4. We will offer you the full original RRP or the current RRP/highest current RRP for your jewelry unless an item is imperfect or missing parts. Then we will offer imperfect values. Our offer will be in the form of an in store credit. In store credits are placed into your account and used automatically at checkout for your future purchases with us. You can use them the same as cash for anything in our store!
  5. If you accept our offer, then all you need to do is mail the items to us. Please be sure to include insurance and tracking since we cannot be responsible for loss or damages that happen when you mail things out. Please send the tracking number to us as well.
  6. We will inspect your items upon receipt (we record unboxings via video) and let you know if anything did not make it to us safely in case you need to file an insurance claim. We will also let you know if we will have to change our offer based on undisclosed condition issues or missing parts etc. at this time as well. If you do not agree to the new offer, we will mail your items back to you.
  7. If everything looks good, we will issue the store credit to your account (be sure to register if you have not done so already).
  8. We will list all swaps on our website for the same price as what we paid you in store credit as second owner pieces. There will be no mark-up because our main goal is to help people obtain their ISOs at non-scalper prices. Spreading the brooch love!

Your unloved jewelry could really make a fellow collectors day! To see all of our current swaps from all of our makers, just search for Second Owner in the website search box. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to swap with us.