has been online for 12 wonderful years. During that time we sure have evolved and expanded our jewelry lines! We've needed a new website for sometime now, so we felt it was the perfect time to update our business name and structure too.

There are simply too many folks using the name Crafts'N'Scraps (or similar versions of it). This has led to confusion for our customers and misleads surfers during internet searches. We've had this issue for years even though Crafts'N'Scraps is a registered trademark.  It is going to take some time to clear that up.  So we have decided its time to head in a new direction for our jewelry products with the same commitment to our customers and friends who have supported us all these years!

The Crafts'N'Scraps arts and crafts website ( will be revamped and re-opened in the future. It is still our dream to open a brick and mortar craft store someday as well. Crafts'N'Scraps just might be reincarnated as a physical storefront with Dana Rae Jewelry as its sparkly digital sister!

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